Free Market Foreplay

by Donovan Hikaru

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All music & production by Donovan Hikaru

The company is the fundamental core of a society's key to human progress. It takes radical minds to create visions that
form the outer layers of that key, but it also takes a shared vision of an expansive and highly competitive, yet altruistic
culture of modern day capitalism. Forward thinking minds and thought leaders, themselves, represent the surface of the force
that unlocks the door to a healthy, dynamic corporate society. The inner layer is represented by the shared mission of the
aforementioned thought leaders- the bigger, macro-level picture, and collective consciousness of the "corporation". It is this
collective consciousness that speaks to the calling of every human's undeniable, basic primal need to be connected to a product
or service through the modern labeling and branding system. Thus, the word "corporation" in a philosophical sense, is not a
specific entity or physical unit of thought leaders and employees, but rather a power-word that represents the spirit of
opportunity, the graceful heeding to authority under and for the sake of ecstatic collaboration, and the growth of organizational
What draws the "corporation" concept together? The macro-level of corporation, of course, needs an entity, a bonding agent that
directs the collective consciousness of thought leaders and forward thinking and pulls them together under one roof in order to
drive the corporation as a determined force of nature. This entity is nothing less and nothing more than the basic act of "exchange".

---Exchange, And Its Vital Role As A Corporate Bonding Agent----

Exchange is what it sounds like-the act of giving and receiving. Transmission, on the other hand, as a one way act, is in fact more
sophisticated than an act that involves mutual giving and taking. This is because transmission is psychologically complex, while
exchange lies in nature. The evidence of the simplicity of exchange can be seen in the obvious examples of physical nature's
everyday exchange between carbon dioxide and oxygen, with biodegradation, and even in the animal food chain. This simplicity and
intuitive nature of exchange makes it the perfect candidate for the transparency and authenticity that a corporate bonding agent
requires. Exchange is fluid, it's mutually beneficial, it's streamlined and efficient, it's nature 's default setting, and as a
result, it's more profitable and powerful than any other act that exists in the biological economy. Exchange, therefore, is highly
corporate, as much as idealists and non-corporatists might disagree, and it encourages the pursuit of human progress.

The most potent example of exchange is also the savior and flagship philosophy of humanity...

the capitalist free market system.

-Donovan Hikaru

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released June 8, 2014



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